Balden, Cannada

Birth Name Balden, Cannada [1]
Nick Name Canady
Gramps ID I0985
Gender male
Age at Death 98 years, 6 months, 8 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth Aug 1819 IN or KY  

Census 19 Sep 1850 Mercer Co, MO  

Property 1853 Sullivan Co, MO 40 acres in T63-N R22-W S22

Property 1856 Sullivan Co, MO 40 acres in T63-N R22-W S22

Census 14 Jun 1860 Sullivan Co, MO  

Military Service     Enlisted as Private in Company A, 23rd Infantry Regiment Missouri (Union)

Census 3 Jun 1880 Barton Co, KS  

Census 1885 Barton Co, KS  

Census 6 Jun 1900 Payne Co, OK  

Census 6 May 1910 Garfield Co, OK  

Census 1915 Ford Co, KS  

Death 9 Feb 1918 Ford Co, KS  

Burial   Maple Grove Cemetery  



Married Wife Wells Jones, Louisa M. [I0986]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 12 Mar 1845 Linn Co, MO  

  1. Balden, David [I1602]
  2. Balden, William Ambrose [I0987]
  3. Balden, Sarah [I0988]
  4. Balden, Sinah [I0989]
  5. Balden, Mary [I0990]



Post from Jerry Vernon on (10-Aug-2000):
An Edgar Balden who may or may not be related to my Balden Family, was contacted many years ago by my family member. I have just found out about him. My family member was told Edgar said his gg grandparents were, William Henry BALDEN and Mary Jane JONES. They may have been one of the first BALDEN families to have come from MONET, MO. to MERCER CO., KY. Wm. Henry BALDEN b. 9 Dec 1822 and his wife, Mary Jane JONES b. 28 Jun 1830.
It is possible this balden family is related to mine, especially because the time frame is the same as my Can(n)nda BALDEN and his wife Louisa Wells JONES. It is only speculation but perhaps Louisa and Mary Jane may have been sisters as well as perhaps Can(n)ada and William may have been brothers. Can(n)da did name one of his sons WILLIAM Ambrose BALDEN. If any of these names are familiar please contact me. Thanks

email from Jerry Vernon (15-Feb-2006):
Thank you Alan for responding. GenForum is owned by who owns Rootsweb and I have heard they "farm" information. I was wondering if we could exchange info. even though we don't have a "known" connection? I am trying to check out all BALDEN families I can and hopefully find a link. I'm at a total dead end now after 7 years of looking.
Many years ago, my cousin Doris who went by "Mona" and her cousin actually met Edgar Balden. I had heard Edgar had a stroke, sorry? Mona's mother was a BALDEN. We descend from Cannada BALDEN and Lou-iza Wells JONES both b. abt. 1819. Cannada's first census (BALDENS on is in Wintersville, Mercer Co., MO in 1850 and states he was born in KY. Cannada had a land patent issued in Monet, MO, abt. 1857, I found on the BLM website.
Edgar could find no link to your BALDEN family. I can not get past Cannada but I feel his father may have been a William as his first son was named William. All later censuses say Cannada was b. in Indiana. I can't get the KY ref. out of my mind and wonder if he really was b. in KY before a survey changed the state line or something. Our BALDEN's are supposed to be Scots-Irish.
Cannada is buried in Dodge City, Ford Co., KS ironically as a "BALDWIN".
It's not much to build on, I was hoping you might have some insight or know more about the MO and KY BALDENS? Again, thanks for taking the time to respond to my old posting.

email from Jerry Vernon (24-Oct-2006):
Alan, I had talked to Edgar BALDEN on the phone after I got the phone number from my cousin Rachel. probably about the year 2000. In the past (1970-80's) he remembered two of my female cousins coming by and talking to him many, many years ago. He saw no connection to our BALDENS but my third g gm was Louisa JONES b. abt 1819 and I always wondered if she and Mary JONES were sisters.
Several years after that, my cousin Warren BALDEN in TX said he had called and found out Edgar had a stroke. But I am wondering if I give you his phone and address, which by the way was on, if you wanted to call his home and see if a spouse or child of his would have info. for you? My 3rd g gfr had a land patent bet 1856-1858ish near Monet, MO. They were later in Wintersville area of Linn, Co., MO. (1860 census).
I will try to find the email my cousin Warren sent but it may be on my old computer out in the garage.

Edgar A. Balden
1004 9th Street
Monet, MO. 65708
(417) 235-6713


Canada Balden 23 MO Vol. Infantry, Co. A
HeyVern (View posts) Posted: 31 May 2000 9:48AM
Canada Balden was b. in 1819, He was a pvt. in the Civil War. He joined the service in St. Louis, Bedford Barracks in 1861. Canada m. Louisa Jones, who was said to have been French. Her middle name could have been the intial M., or the names Wills or Wells. They were probably m. in MO. They had a son William Ambrose Balden who m. Emily (Hindman) Guyll/Guill. They had at least two children, John Samuel Balden and Sarah-Aunt Sade. Would like to find out more about the 23rd MO Vol. Infantry that was at Shiloh and this family as I don't have much on them. Canada is my ggg gfr. Thanks


Canada Balden
Warren Balden (View posts) Posted: 8 Aug 2000 2:04PM
I believe I'm decended from Canada Balden.
He lived in Enid, Oklahoma for a time where
he collected benefits as a Civil War Veteran.
If you would like I'll contact my parents in
Florida or my Aunt in Enid for more information
on him. wb



Maple Grove Cemetery (Dodge City, KS) lists as Canady Baldwin, d. 2/9/1918, age 98.

Noticed Price family on p.5 of 1880 Barton Co, KS census.


Attribute/ Type Value Notes Sources
Nickname Canady


Source References

  1. 1860 Sullivan Co MO census [S0198]
  2. Family Data Collection [S0269]
  3. Maple Grove Cemetery, Dodge City, KS [S0326]
  4. [S0325]


    1. Balden, Cannada
      1. Wells Jones, Louisa M.
        1. Balden, David
        2. Balden, William Ambrose
        3. Balden, Sarah
        4. Balden, Sinah
        5. Balden, Mary